7 genre films dropping in January to tide you over until ‘superhero season’

A new year means a lot of things: new beginnings, new resolutions, a new awards season. But it also means the barren wasteland that is movie theaters in January. Colloquially known as a “dump month” within the industry due to low audience turn out, the film landscape is sparse. Usually February is lumped into this too, but with “Deadpool” dropping on Valentine”s Day, perhaps that is coming to an end.

But just because superhero season doesn”t kick off for another month doesn”t mean genre fans are entirely without options. Sure we could all go see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for the eighth time, but if you”re looking to branch out there are a few options.

Not that all them are GOOD options. But sometimes a schlocky sci-fi popcorn movie or a family film about male pregnancy is just what the doctor ordered.

#1: “400 Days” in theaters and on demand January 12, 2016.

A psychological thriller with a sci-fi twist, “400 Days” follows four astronauts sent on a simulated mission to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. As the crew”s mental state begins to deteriorate, the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.

#2: “The 5th Wave” in theaters January 22, 2016.

Based on the best-selling novels, “The 5th Wave” follows Cassie Sullivan as she attempts to save her brother from alien abduction in the wake of the invaders devastation of the Earth.

#3: “Terminus” in theaters January 22, 2016 (limited release).

After a catastrophic car crash caused by a blinding flash, David is found wandering the woods two days later. Without a scratch on him. The light was from a meteor containing an alien organism that could hold the key to creation. But David, fueled by nightmare visions, feels he must stop the government from getting their hands on the metro before it”s too late.

#4: “JeruZalem” in theaters January 22, 2016 (limited release).

American girls hed to Jerusalem on vacation. The party quickly ends though when the gates of hell open up, releasing a biblical apocalypse complete with what appear to be winged zombie demons.

#5: “Monster Hunt” in theaters January 22, 2016 (limited release).

In a mythical ancient world, humans and monsters live their separate lives. Until a monster woman falls in love with a human man and a child is born of their union. This doesn”t go over well with either species and the hunt for the newborn Wuba begins as his parents attempt to protect him from harm.

#6: “Synchronicity” in theaters and on demand January 22, 2016.

When physicist Jim Beale uses his invention to rip a hole in time/space, a rare Dahlia appears from the future. In order to prove the machine works, he must find its match in the present. But when a conspiracy is unveiled. Beale will travel back in time to stop it and kick off a series of events that may end in his death.

#7: “Lazer Team” in theaters January 27, 2016 (limited release).

Four small town guys stumble across an alien crash site and immediately put on the suit they discover within. Each of them ends up wearing one piece that then refuses to come off. With the alien threat imminent, they must learn to work together to save humanity.