Get a new look at a Sentinel from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

The publicity machine is continuing to ramp up for the release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past” as the “First Class” sequel approaches its July release. As promised by director Bryan Singer last week, today Empire Magazine is offering up several reveals, including the below cover which features a 1970s’ era Sentinel.
We got to see the full look of a Sentinel last August, when Singer tweeted a picture of him next to one, and the Trask Industries website has offered info on them as well. The angle of the Sentinel on the tweeted image and the Empire cover is slightly different, making it a little hard to tell if we’re seeing the same model of Sentinel in the two pictures, but from what we see, they do look identical.
As we said, the Empire cover specifically notes that the Sentinel is from the ’70s. For its part, the Singer tweet doesn’t make mention of a time period, and the Trask website talks about multiple generations which, presumably, sport differences here and there. 
What say you, does the Sentinel on the cover here instill fear in your heart? How do you think it compares to what we’ve seen in the comic books or Saturday morning cartoon? In short, if you were designing a robot to kill mutants, is this the way you’d have it look?