The New ‘Gotham’ Trailer Has Evil Twins, Gang Wars, And A Near-Death Experience

Gotham is a lot of things, but it’s never, ever boring. The grand soap opera of corruption, redemption, and a lot of supervillains is really only nominally about Bruce Wayne at this point, but he’s still about to take a major step forward, even as everybody else on the show falls apart. Or gets killed, in Selina’s case!

Yes, Selina, who was alive and well when the show wrapped up for a few weeks, seems to have gone the Batman Returns route, having been chucked out a window and possibly revived by cats. We also finally see Fish Mooney, who has been laying unusually low with her gang of supervillains for most of the season. Bruce has left town, apparently to train under Dr. Bashir, er, Ra’s Al Ghul, although we also see Bruce trashing a bunch of kids under a bridge in the trailer. Barnes has gone full Bane, we see Gordon standing in the middle of an utterly destroyed GCPD bullpen, and if all that weren’t enough, there’s still the secret conspiracy the Court of Owls running Gotham, Bruce’s evil twin being groomed to kill him and take his identity, and also the gang war between the newly minted Riddler and the Penguin.

Oh, also they’ll probably come back to Poison Ivy being rushed through puberty at some point, and they’re bringing back B.D. Wong’s gloriously hammy Hugo Strange, too. We’ll find out how it’s all connected next Monday when Gotham returns.

(via Entertainment Weekly)