‘Gotham’ Sees War While ‘Arrow’ Digs In On This Week’s Geeky TV

First of all, apologies for last week: A technical glitch meant we didn’t have an open thread. Which was kind of a shame because last week’s Gotham was over the top even by this show’s standards. Alliances were forged and/or collapsed, Gordon faced moral struggles, and Bruce, uh, Bruce really needs to get over that cool knife he bought. It’s just a knife, kid. Focus more on the fact that you’re about to get your ass beat by Dr. Bashir. Leaving aside the fact that he might kill you, that’s also just excessively humiliating. We’ll find out how humiliating tonight at 8pm ET on Fox.

Then, we hop realities and learn Ollie may know more than he lets on:

After what little remains of the Starling City police department got killed in the premiere, Ollie’s got a bunch of problems on his hands, which he appears to solve mostly by mocking his fellow billionaire vigilantes. Word has gotten out that Ollie is maybe possibly the Green Arrow, and now he’s got to contain that while connecting with his son, figuring out his relationship with Felicity, and fighting Evil Fun Laurel, er, Black Siren. Oh, also his former buddies in the Russian mob are back in town. That’s tonight at 9pm on the CW. Join us, won’t you?