Here’s that Grumpy Cat movie you wanted

05.30.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Grumpy Cat

On that list you keep of things Hollywood has not yet tried to adapt into a movie, you can cross “a single living cat” right off. To be fair, that cat in reference is kind of THE cat, meaning she is the sensational meme-feline Grumpy Cat. Yes indeed, the two-year-old puss from Morristown, Arizona whose real name is Tardar Sauce just might find herself on the silver screen. Here, chew on this outrageous sentence for a minute: “Broken Road”s Todd Garner and Sean Robins, and Grumpy Cat”s reps (manager Ben Lashes and rep Al Hassas) have teamed up to produce and assemble a package for a Garfield-like feature film with the famous frowning feline at the center.”

When asked for comment, Grumpy Cat’s reps said, “Meow.”

Just kidding, they actually said, “You can take your drivel about ‘the decline of culture’ and ‘the absolute ruination of the human race’ and shove it, because we are going to be FUCKING RICH!”

Apparently, the  Webby Award-winning cat (Meme of the Year, y’all!) will be given the ability to talk if the film comes to fruition — although no other plot details have been revealed. I hope whatever voice Grumpy gets is gin-soaked and has the gruffness of a pack-a-day smoker. Or might I recommend Gilbert Gottfried doing a lady impression?

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