Happy 60th birthday, Jerry Seinfeld!

04.29.14 5 years ago

Happy 60th birthday, Jerry Seinfeld!
Seinfeld officially enters his 60s today. PLUS: Seinfeld's wife posts a childhood photo of Jerry.

“The Following” finishes the season 4th in its timeslot
The Kevin Bacon drama did, however, have its best ratings in more than a month.

“Girls” is using a Staten Island cultural center to portray the University of Iowa
Hannah will be shown riding her bike across the Snug Harbor Cultural Center”s “campus.”

Elisabeth Moss calls “Mad Men” promos “a lie”
It”s not the final season, she says. “There”s a lot more next year.”

Late-night hosts have a field day mocking Donald Sterling
The racist L.A. Clippers owner was at the top of nearly ever late-night show last night.

Why CBS shouldn”t replace Craig Ferguson with another talk show
There”s a whole late-night audience out there who doesn”t like talks shows. So why not do a show devoted to sports, music or politics? PLUS: Ferguson was unlike anything else on TV with his off-the-wall antics and great conversations, celebrities react, and why not replace him with Aisha Tyler or Neil Patrick Harris?

“Orange is the New Black”s” Laverne Cox to host “Trans Teen: The Documentary” for MTV and Logo
The transgender actress will take viewers into the world of trans youth, ages 14 to 24.

“Scandal” dropped by UK TV
Season 3 doesn”t have a British broadcasting home after Channel 4 dropped the ABC series after airing the first two seasons.

DirecTV cancels “The Artie Lange Show”
The former Howard Stern sidekick had been doing his three-hour nightly show since October 2011, but last night Lange announced that it would be his last show.

“Game of Thrones” cat won”t be back this season
Tommen”s Ser Pounce”s first and last appearance was during this week”s episode.

“Skins” could make a comeback, on the web
The British cult teenage drama”s creator said he”s in talks to resurrect the canceled series.

“Dancing”s” Amy Purdy hospitalized before the show
Producers instead used Purdy”s rehearsal footage on last night”s show.

Katie Couric will host 2 shows for Yahoo!
She”ll explain complicated topics on “Now I Get It,” while on “World 3.0″ she”ll interview key people in technology and science, plus entrepreneurs and health care innovators.

Louis CK tweets out his children”s homework
“My kids used to love mat,” he tweeted yesterday. “Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!”

Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon battle it out in lip-syncing
Watch her tackle Blues Traveler.

Check out “Turn”s” George Washington
The Founding Father makes his first appearance on Sunday”s episode.

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