‘Harry Potter’ music watch: Emma Watson’s song and dance, Rupert Grint’s crush

07.14.11 8 years ago

While the rest of America is in lock-down mode waiting for the closure “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” brings to the franchise, I was saying my goodbyes last weekend during the screening and press conference for the final film.

Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t in the house because he promised all creation that he’d never purposefully miss a performance of his current Broadway project “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying.” His “Potter” co-stars like Tom Felton (Draco), Matthew Lewis (Neville) and Rupert Grint (Ron) paid a visit to the musical on Saturday night.

“It was absolutely outstanding,” Lewis said of the show during his interview. “I don’t know where [Radcliffe] hid that [singing ]voice for a decade. And he threw himself 110 percent into dancing.”

And though he’s already endeavored to perform in plays, Lewis doesn’t see himself taking a similar route into musicals. “Nooo… I can’t sing. I love to sing. But i cant sing. And I definitely can’t dance either,” he laughed.

Emma Watson — who plays the iconic Hermione — took a different tack.

“I”d love to do something on Broadway, but I think I need to pluck up some more courage. But I love to sing, yeah,” she said. She at least has some background, having already donned a corset and done her best “Rocky Horror Picture Show” impression for her next film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” She also loves dancing — of the club sort.


“I also love to dance, so I”ll listen to like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and everyone. I love Lykke Li. I”ve been listening to her albums recently,” Watson continued. Her listening habits have been influenced by her parents, with a lot of Chuck Berry, Pretenders, Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, the Cars, the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd on spin. The White Stripes’ and 10,000 Maniacs’ names were thrown in for good measure. 

Grint has historically said he loves classic rock — and, yes, Oasis — but he likes to keep his rock and roll fantasies a little bit closer. Grint explained that kissing the “lovely” Ms. Watson was nearly torture, as they’re like “brother and sister” together; but asked who he wouldn’t mind swapping spit with on screen…

“I wouldn’t mind a kissing scene with Juliette Lewis. I always found her cool — she’s in a band,” Grint said of the “Natural Born Killers” star and Juliette & the Licks frontwoman.

Y’know, who HASN’T made out with Juliette Lewis? Celebrities: they’re just like us.

Felton plans on keeping his celebrity status cordoned to just acting. The 23-year-old actor has released music to iTunes and YouTube before, under the name Feltbeats (I see what you did there). But he wants to keep playing music as just a pastime. 

“I definitely don’t want to turn making music into some sort of a career. It’s always something I’ve done to kill time. I want to keep it that way, really,” Felton said. “It’s something I’m very passionate about… but for me personally, fingers crossed, I’d hope to continue with the acting.”

Felton also put to rest a “rumor” that he was “looking to get into the grime rap U.K. scene.” Felton commented somewhere along those lines to U.K.’s Sun newspaper, which he insists now was only a joke.

“I can only think that it was an attempt at dry wit that went completely over their head,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know. Needless to say, I’m not planning on taking the UK grime scene by storm.”

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