Here is the Metallica-meets-‘Whiplash’ mashup you wanted

02.20.15 3 years ago

Lars Ulrich has made his handful of enemies over the years as Metallica‘s outspoken drummer and one of the leaders of the anti-piracy movement that eventually shut down Napster-but J.K. Simmons might be his match.

In a mashup no one knew they wanted but absolutely needed, Simmons” portrayal of the hotheaded jazz band teacher in Whiplash is fused together with footage of Ulrich. The scene from the Oscar-nominated film is a particularly tense one where Simmons not-so-patiently tries to get a drummer on his tempo.

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If you”re wondering how Ulrich would hypothetically react to that kind of berating, the answer according to this clip will definitely surprise you.

In real life, Ulrich and his band are doing just fine having recently held down a residency on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and announced their plans to reissue two albums this year. Coming up, 1984″s Ride the Lightning and 1986″s Master of Puppets will receive re-releases. You can help with the process by sending in your own bootleg footage of the band during those eras.

Meanwhile, new album? Seems like that”s the question on everyone”s lips, but the answer that never comes. Maybe it”s “The Day That Never Comes”? OK, bye.

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