Heroes Vs Villains returns for its third year with new characters and old champs

It's that time of year again, and we need your help.

For the last few years, we have been celebrating a March Mayhem showdown between Heroes and Villains here at HitFix, and it's become one of the largest events of the year for us. Every spring, we pick 64 of our favorite good guys and bad guys from movies and TV and set them up for a series of head to head encounters that allow you, the readers, to pick your favorites.

Buckle up. Heroes Vs. Villains 2016 begins today.

We've been surprised by the results, too. For two years in a row, Xena has emerged as the big winner, and she's back to defend her title this year. With a new Xena series on the way, her fanbase is likely more engaged than ever, so there's a good chance she could take the title again. She beat Hannibal Lecter in the final round last year, and if you want to go back through and see how each of the 2015 match-ups played out, you can. You can also go back and check out the 2014 results as well.

This year features a number of new faces on both sides. After all, a year ago, none of us really knew Kylo Ren or Rey, for example, but we're willing to bet there are plenty of people who would like to see those characters go head to head with characters like Furiosa and Immortan Joe. Molly Solverson and Peggy Carter will get a chance to face off against a field that includes Reverse Flash and the Night's King. We're going to be hosting video debates about some of the best match-ups with various HitFix staffers going to bat for their favorite characters.

The secret to Heroes vs Villains working, though, is you guys. You're the ones who will make the hard calls, and we need you to reach out to other fans and drum up support for the characters you want to see advance through the competition. We'll be taking closer looks at some of the match-ups as they come up, and you should not expect impartial reporting from us. We've all got our own favorites, and we'll be publishing articles along the way to show our support for the people we want to see win. You'll be the ultimate judges, though, and if you decide as a group that Xena has to win it all again, then Xena will win again.

But, man, I hope Xena doesn't win.


Here's the schedule. It's going to be a crazy few weeks.

Round 1 – March 15, 10 a.m. PT
Round 2 – March 21, 10 a.m. PT
Round 3 – March 24, 6 a.m. PT
Round 4 – March 29, 6 a.m. PT
Round 5 – April 1, 6 a.m. PT
FINAL ROUND – April 5, 6 a.m. PT