HitFix Daily Snap: The greatest David Letterman moment ever is…

05.12.15 4 years ago

David Letterman was one of the first nationally beloved TV comics to be as droll, deadpan, and casually bizarre as he wanted. It is always rebellious to be weird, but Dave was more than weird: He was thrilled to baffle you.

This brings us to today's HitFix Daily Snap essay question: What's Dave's greatest moment? I'm all about any of Dave's interactions with Richard Simmons. Sometimes Dave comes across as purely condescending, but during their best interactions, there's such a strange electricity between them. Richard loves to provoke, and Dave loves to be under-reactive. It's a perfect comic dichotomy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81t3ArYFeUw%5D

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