HitFix First Look: ‘Man Seeking Woman’ star Jay Baruchel gets Scared Straight

Wednesday February 18) night's episode of “Man Seeking Woman,” titled “Gavel,” was actually one of the initial three episodes sent to critics this winter.

As always with “Man Seeking Woman” episodes, it's hard to say what the episode is about without giving away the week's metaphorical approaches to Josh Greenberg's (Jay Baruchel) singledom and dating travails. 

However, as always with “Man Seeking Woman,” merely giving away the broad strokes of the episode's hyper-stylized angle on relationships doesn't really spoil how committed the show is to the individual gags. After all, I could have told you last week's “MSW” finally featured that Japanese Penis Monster that creator Simon Rich has been telling reporters about since the fall, but just saying “Japanese Penis Monster” only gave you the tip of the… iceberg when it came to Tanaka. 

But this week's episode also includes aliens. Very different aliens. 

It features a callback to my personal favorite joke from the pilot.

And it includes this very Scared Straight look at the horrors of commitment and suburbia.

Check out the extended clip below. It's currently HitFix-only. And some of the dialogue is a bit NSFW, depending on your workplace. 

Check it out: