If ‘Batman v Superman’ doesn’t end like this Coheed and Cambria video, I’ll be so sad

Yesterday the world was distracted by Spider-Man”s Underoos in the new Captain America: Civil War trailers. Which means this magical music video flew under the radar. Despite my colleague Spencer Perry“s best attempts to tweet hard enough to draw the Internet”s attention, I missed it until this morning.

And shame on me! Because this video combines two of my favorite things: future Rock Band songs and gay superheroes.

There”s never been any doubt where I stand on the Batman and Superman ship. From finding any excuse to use this panel…

…to sending up a beacon flare on Twitter to find like-minded fans…

…I”ve been waiting for most of my adult life for this moment. Bless you, Coheed and Cambria, for making my wish come true!