Did Iggy Azalea channel superhero style at the MTV VMAs?

It was a night of strange fashion at the MTV Video Music Awards. Just a ton of cut-outs and leather and so much glitter it looked like a kindergarten craft closet exploded. And no one was on trend quite like Iggy Azalea.

When the rapper hit the red carpet, something about her seemed familiar. But I couldn't quite place it. Not until much later, when Azalea took the stage in a new costume, did it hit me. She was dressed like a superhero. But not just any superhero. She was channeling the fantasy of every teen boy who ever wished he could take a fictional character to prom.

Don't believe me? Well check this out. Her red carpet attire is basically what a teenage boy – or comic book artist, sigh – would imagine Dazzler might wear to a formal event.

Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP and Marvel

And you might think her sparkly black catsuit is a abomination born from mixing Spiderwoman with Venom, but really it's just something Black Cat might wear on a date with Peter Parker…in the minds of a lonely 15 year old boy.

Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP and Marvel

Frickin' uncanny, right? But don't get any bright ideas, Marvel. Seriously.