Titans Of Fashion Pay Tribute To Edna Mode Of ‘The Incredibles’

With a single line — “No capes!” — Edna Mode from The Incredibles went down in pop culture history. Voiced by Brad Bird, who was also the director, Edna was a superhero take on high fashion. Pulling from the likes of fashion designers Edith Head, Coco Chanel, and Anna Wintour, Edna was one of the stand-out characters in Pixar’s take on the superhero world.

But no visionary can be contained to a single genre. Edna Mode could never be content to simply design fashion forward costumes for the superset. At the D23 Expo this year, Pixar revealed that Edna has branched out into haute couture. In a short documentary*, Disney interviewed celebrities within the fashion world about the Model Collection and how Edna has influenced them over the years. Interviewees include fashion designer Zac Posen, models Heidi Klum, Winnah Agwabi, and Kendall Jenner, along with Nina Garcia of Marie Claire, fashion editor Windy Aulia, Leonah James, Kate Young, Andre Leon Talley, and Rachel Zoe.


Seriously though, it was adorable that Pixar was able to get so many people in the fashion industry together to pay homage to Edna Mode. See guys? High fashion can make fun of itself. Lightly. Some of the time. If one of the biggest corporations in the world asks them to.

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