The First Teaser For Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Hints At A Palace Coup

Hot on the heels of the first look from Entertainment Weekly, Marvel’s next show for ABC, Inhumans, gets its first teaser. And it appears that Iwan Rheon isn’t getting very far from Ramsay Bolton, what with the palace coup he’s talking about and all.

Inhumans will follow a royal family of superheroes as they get exiled to Hawaii and decide that being a royal family isn’t worth it, so they open a food truck and have wacky adventures. OK, really they’re trying to regain control of Attilan, the flying city the Inhumans who aren’t on Agents Of SHIELD live in, although they may still have wacky adventures. Maximus, Rheon’s character, betrays the lot of them and they must recover their home. Although we have to admit, a palace coup where you’re stranded in Hawaii as punishment is a mild coup. More of a gentle easing, really.

The first two episodes will be arriving September 1st, in IMAX theaters, to hype everyone up for the ongoing series that will arrive later this fall, and also technically deliver on the promise that Marvel was making an Inhumans movie. But really the main question here is…where’s Lockjaw? Your first teaser doesn’t feature the giant friendly teleporting dog? Really, this show should just be The Adventures Of Lockjaw with the rest of the Inhumans as supporting cast, but we’ll have to wait for the big friendly teleporter until September 1st.