Marvel Head Kevin Feige Gives An Update On The ‘Inhumans’ Movie, And Big Changes Are Afoot

Marvel’s Inhumans was originally set to open June 12th, 2019, but it was pulled out of Marvel’s Phase 3 because, according Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Phase 3 was already too crowded. Then Disney removed Inhumans from its 2019 schedule without announcing a new date, putting fans into a tizzy. Feige insisted at the time that the movie’s still happening, it’s just been delayed to make way for Indiana Jones 5.

Vin Diesel is also seemingly interested in Inhumans. He’s dropped hints on Facebook and in interviews that Feige offered him a non-speaking character, so he can voice Groot and still pull double duty as another Marvel character. That character would likely be Black Bolt, who opts not to speak because his voice can destroy planets.

Matching Diesel’s enthusiasm, Feige continues to stump for Inhumans even now, which isn’t surprising since he’s been trying to get this made for a long time. Back in 2012, Feige said he was “confident” Marvel would eventually turn these three properties into movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Inhumans, and Doctor Strange. Only Inhumans is left on his bucket list.

Now Feige offers an update to /film:

“I think Inhumans will happen for sure. I don’t know when. I think it’s happening on television. And I think as we get into Phase 4 as I’ve always said, it could happen as a movie. I think it would be super cool.”

Wait, didn’t it already happen on television? Or was Feige not watching those seasons of Agents Of SHIELD? That’s okay. Neither was I.

(Via /film)