The ‘Avengers’ Directors Have Explained Hawkeye’s Absence In ‘Infinity War’

is hawkeye in avengers infinity war

Avengers: Infinity War is the Stefon of movies: it has everything… almost.

There’s an adolescent tree, talking raccoon, and a green guy whose clothes rip off when he gets mad. But there’s one thing the “most ambitious crossover event in history” doesn’t have: Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner’s arrow-wielding superhero, who we last saw in Captain America: Civil War, has been noticeably absent from Infinity War‘s marketing — it’s gotten to the point where I half-expect the assembled Avengers to spend half the movie asking, “Where’s Hawkeye?” (That’s one way to fill out a nearly three-hour run time.) But in a new interview, directors Anthony and Joe Russo explained Hawkeye has been MIA.

When asked the all-important question, “Where is Hawkeye?” in a junket interview, Anthony replied: “All will be revealed.” Meanwhile, Joe added, intriguingly: “We keep saying, ‘Patience is a virtue,’ we did not forget the twice-nominated Jeremy Renner. We just cooked up a story for him that is a little bit of a long play. Not a short play.” (Via)

It’s interesting that, all of the people to pick for a “long play,” the Russos went with Hawkeye, a character who memorably disappointed the other Avengers on SNL. Either that, or the “twice-nominated” Renner (for The Hurt Locker and The Town) was too busy filming his passion project: Tag: The Movie.

(Via SyFy)