Is ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ the Zombie Film We All Need?

Zombie and general apocalypse fatigue is a very real thing being experienced by fans these days. Zombie stories have always been popular but, thanks to the runaway success that was AMC's The Walking Dead, it seems like we keep getting the same type of story told over and over. The Girl with All the Gifts is a zombie film but it looks like nothing else out there.

Colm McCarthy has directed this adaptation of the 2014 novel of the same name from comic book writer Mike Carey (Lucifer, The Unwritten), who also wrote the screenplay. It stars Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton, and Paddy Considine and is the feature debut of young actor Sennia Nanua.

/Film wrote: “There have been fresher approaches to zombies with films such as Zombieland, Warm Bodies, Life After Beth, Maggie, and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but 28 Days Later was probably the last great zombie movie.” Will The Girl with All the Gifts be the next great zombie movie? Check out the new trailer and see for yourself.

Already I love that this film has several female leads, one of whom is a person of color. I also love the dynamic between Arterton and Nanua. And frankly, this just looks like a really, really exciting spin on a tired genre.

Currently there's no U.S. release date set, but something tells me that will change.