James Gunn Is Sick Of Marvel Vs DC Fan Bickering And Calls For Geek Civility

Filmmaker and Groot dance model James Gunn is sick of the endless Marvel vs DC bickering in his Twitter feed and he’d like everyone involved to knock it off, please.

On Saturday, the Guardians of the Galaxy director expressed his frustration with what happens whenever he brings up DC. In a series of tweets, Gunn laid out why he’s hit his limit with all the Batman v Superman snarling that happens once DC enters the conversation.

“Every time I mention anything DC, no matter what, my feed becomes an endless screaming match about BvS,” he tweeted. “You guys are never going to convince each other – it’s just a bunch of wasted energy.”

“At least when you’re screaming at each other about Trump, it’s something of international importance,” continued Gunn. “But it’s a 2 year old movie that some people like and some people don’t. Why is someone else’s opinion so important to you?”

For the sake of all of everyone, Gunn is asking for a little bit of geek harmony. Or at least, just fewer cases of angry buttholery.

“As Marvel and DC super fans you have way more in common with each other than you do with the rest of the world,” he shared. “So why do you spend so much time raging at each other? It’s silly. Please just stop it. Stop engaging in that way. But at the very least, when you do, untag me. I’ve muted a lot of you guys, but not all. Thanks.”

Based on the timing of the tweet, it may have been responses to Gunn tweeting his approval of Zachary Levi’s new starring role as Shazam that inspired this call for calm. That said, Gunn’s everybody be cool advice makes sense all year round.

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