Has James Gunn’s Impossible Final ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Easter Egg Been Uncovered?

The ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe have done a marvellous job of nudging fans and obsessives alike more than enough reason to give their films another rewatch. As both a public service and a gleefully geeky invitation to madness, Guardians director James Gunn issued a challenge to GotG dorks of all skill sets to find this hidden (possibly in plain sight) treasure with a $100,000 bounty on the line.

ScreenCrush, an outlet with a penchant for digging deep into movies, released a video suggesting they may have figured out what to look for in this multiyear-long game of surveillance.

We’ll let the zippy, visual-heavy clip do the heavy lifting and build to the big thinky crescendo, but the meat of Ryan Arey’s theory has an important historical thread between the Celestials laying waste to planets and a vision we’re presented with is scrambling inhabitants of what looks like an Asgard-type setting. Pay particular attention to the one character in this recap that doesn’t get the Infinity Stone obliteration treatment.

This might not be the coveted “Easter egg” in question, but holy smokes does this cinematic universe have a habit for twisting, turning and intertwining so many gawshdarn things. Speaking of which, Thor: Ragnarok is due to hit theaters on November 3 with questions, answers and more to add to your Marvel theory scribbler.

(Via ScreenCrush)