James Gunn Wraps on ‘Guardians Vol. 2,’ Confirms Comic-Con Visit

You might remember a few years ago Marvel Entertainment did a huge Hollywood event of their own to unveil their upcoming slate of films. Well don't worry, they're not giving up San Diego Comic-Con just yet. After vague confirmation, James Gunn has officially confirmed they've wrapped production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and assured us they've got something special for fans at SDCC.

It was just 126 days ago we reported on Gunn starting production on the highly-anticipated sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. Last week Karen Gillan tweeted that her work as Nebula was done.

Last night Gunn wrapped Chris Pratt, as well as the production as a whole, on Facebook Live. He praised the actor and Pratt praised him right back saying, “I want to thank James, who made a 90-day shoot efficient, on time, under budget. Nobody ever does that and it's due to preparation…This is going to be the greatest spectacle film of all time and each of us has our name on it, and each of us has a piece of it, and for our entire lives people are going to be really impressed that we did this movie.”

“[We] are coming to San Diego Comic-Con this year. We are going to be there, I'm gonna be there, Chris Pratt is gonna be there, a bunch of the gang is gonna be there,” Gunn said. “We're gonna show you guys something pretty cool.” Then Pratt, in pure Pratt form quickly revealed that cool thing would be Gunn's boobie. So now we don't have to guess.

And before anyone worries about reshoots, Gunn tweeted to address that:

The director also recently teased fans by posting a photo of himself with Thor's hammer Mjolnir from the set. He also just addressed something very important to us here at HitFix Harpy (and beyond), the toy line.