Jason Sudeikis tells Barbara Walters he doesn’t know his ‘SNL’ future — ‘If you stay I stay’

Jason Sudeikis tells Barbara Walters he doesn’t know his “SNL” future — “If you stay I stay”

“Will I be working there in the fall? … I don’t know. I sincerely don’t know at this point,” Sudeikis said today on “The View.”

Check out the complete TV show rankings for the 2012-13 season
“NCIS” is No. 1, “LA Complex” is No. 151.

Jennifer Hudson may become an “Idol” judge
Fox could already have a deal done with the Oscar-winning “Idol” alum.

CCH Pounder is the latest “The Shield” alum to pop up on “Sons of Anarchy”
She’ll appear next season, playing the local DA.

Dana Carvey shows off his Jimmy Fallon impression to Jimmy Fallon
Turns out Carvey can do a pretty accurate Fallon.

Sen. Al Franken made up to $50,000 last year in “SNL” royalties
The former “SNL” star had to reveal his earnings in new senate disclosure forms.

Nat Geo to fix struggling churches with “Divine Intervention” reality show
The show will be sort of a “Kitchen Nightmares for churches.”

Lifetime’s Jodi Arias film will air June 22

The film will be followed by “Jodi Arias: Beyond the Headlines.”

Russell Simmons inks HBO deal

He’ll produce and create projects for HBO as part of a two-year deal.

Cartoon Network sued over “Annoying Orange”

An ad agency claims it came up with the idea of a talking orange first.

Examining “Saved by the Bell’s” graduation episode

The final regular version of “Saved” aired 20 years ago this week.

Orson Welles’ TV miniseries idea was rejected by HBO

Welles had a disastrous pitch session in the ’80s.

Brazilian woman’s virginity auction to become a reality show

“Virgins Wanted” will tell the story of a man and a woman who each auction off their virginity.

Fact-checking the Upfronts
Fox, CBS and NBC each claimed to have the No. 1 new show of the season. Which network was right?

“Mad Men” meets Daft Punk

Watch a mashup of Ken Cosgrove’s dance. PLUS: “Stan Rizzo” talks about his epic beard.

“Fashion Police” writers picket E!

They carried signs today that read: “Bitch Stole my Check!”

Reality TV may be the last bastion of family viewing
Kids and their parents can watch reality shows together, while most scripted shows aren’t suitable for family viewing.

“Rookie Blue” returns, 6 months later

Producers wanted to start Season 4 in a “different place.”

How to fix “Dancing with the Stars”
No more Disney stars! No more sports stars!

“Honey Boo Boo”: A terrific cultural ambassador for America
The TLC reality show recently made its debut in Britain.

Fox’s office reality show “Does Someone Have to Go?” is as bad as you would think
The reality show where somebody may get fired is as sleazy as it gets. PLUS: It feels agonizingly real, and Fox denies that it’s evil.

NBC begins burning off “Save Me” tonight
The Anne Heche comedy is the latest network TV failed attempt to make a cable series.