Jennifer Lawrence Gets Revenge On Chris Pratt For Making A Fool Of Her On Social Media

Chris Pratt has been having a little too much fun with his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence on social media, basically cutting her out of every photograph on purpose while Lawrence is none the wiser. Jimmy Kimmel shares the news with her during her appearance on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and she decides to get back at him with some indirect revenge.

She calls upon a tour bus featuring an ad for Passengers on its side, defacing Pratt’s face with some creative graffiti — and spraying a few guests on top of the bus as well. She also defaces the title of the film to give Pratt a new name and nickname. Meanwhile, she gives her picture a few hearts and that leaves the other end of the bus looking like a garbage heap.

What’s funny is this was likely cathartic for Lawrence, far away from anything having to do with Chris Pratt. She spent most of the interview not wanting to talk about the movie she was starring in, exhausted by the long promotional period for the film that has taken the pair all around the globe. I’d want to cut loose a little bit too, maybe say a few curse words, drink a few beers, and find someone to beat up outside of Wendy’s. Celebrities have it hard people, so let them have their fun. Even if said fun sprays paint in your face accidentally.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)