Jim Carrey, Kate McKinnon, Iggy Azalea dance-off to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ on ‘SNL’

Sia's “Chandelier” may be one of the most ubiquitous music videos of the year, and thus its wig-bearing, nude-leotard-wearing dancer — Maddie Ziegler — one of the most sought-after Halloween costumes this fall.

“Saturday Night Live” host Jim Carrey and cast member Kate McKinnon had exactly that thing on their mind, as they both showed up to a costume contest with the moves to match on tonight's episode.

Watch the video, for a good ol'-fashioned “SNL” dance-off to a fairly new hit. The two traipse by musical guest Iggy Azalea, too, who chooses not to stand by the bit, but be part of it too.

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