Johnny Depp slathers on the war-paint in brand-new ‘Lone Ranger’ images

Plagued by production delays, budget issues and the recent tragic drowning of a crew member, Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” has suffered a rash of bad press since it first started shooting back in March. Nevertheless, the footage screened at Comic-Con over the summer played to a big reaction from the Hall H crowd, and with this new batch of images the Gore Verbinski-directed feature at the very least promises to be a visual marvel (cinematographer Bojan Bazelli previously shot Verbinski’s 2002 horror flick “The Ring”).

Starring Armie Hammer (“The Social Network,” “J. Edgar”) as the title character and Johnny Depp as his Native American companion Tonto, “The Lone Ranger” is looking to bring in “Pirates of the Caribbean”-sized box-office when it premieres next July – but will audiences be won over, or will it become Depp’s latest commercial misfire following the back-to-back disappointments of “Dark Shadows” and “The Rum Diary”?

While mulling that question over, you can take a look at all the new images in the gallery below.

“The Lone Ranger” is slated for release on July 3.