Chris Pratt Pets A Baby Dinosaur In The First ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Footage

Colin Trevorrow didn’t direct Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to his billion dollar-grossing Jurassic World. (The Orphanage‘s J.A. Bayona did; Trevorrow should be used to that by now.) But he did share the first footage from the film on Wednesday. Looking for something to be thankful for? Try: Chris Pratt petting an impressively realistic-looking dinosaur on the chin.

Sorry, Champion, but Andy Dwyer has moved onto another pet.

The timing of the clip (the day before Thanksgiving) is not a coincidence. In the original Jurassic Park, a young boy (who did not grow up to be Pratt’s Owen Grady) described a Velociraptor as looking like a “six-foot turkey.” But do turkeys have razor-like retractable claws on their middle toes? And will they start eating you while you’re still alive? No, really, I want to know, because I might have to change my Thanksgiving dinner plans…

Anyway, Bayona is well aware of the criticism that Jurassic World relied too heavily on CGI, which is why Fallen Kingdom will feature more animatronics. “Obviously you don’t have real dinosaurs — sometimes you have people playing dinosaurs,” he said, “but we love animatronics and we’re trying to do as much with them as possible.” He added, “I think animatronics bring soul and reality to it. We’re trying to find the balance between animatronics and CGI in order to cheat the audience so they don’t know what they’re seeing.”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens on June 22, 2018.