The Final ‘Justice League’ Poster Gives Us The Clearest Proof Yet That Superman Will Rise Again

The marketing for the long-awaited Justice League movie has focused on how no one can save the world alone. So as the Apokolips invasion ramps up and the fallout from Batman v Superman is still being felt, Batman is working his charm on superheroes around the world to create the ultimate band of saviors. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash are all clearly signed up for the job, but there’s one big name missing — Superman.


Superman is dead. The Justice League is forming to take on those who wish to wipe out humanity without him, and that’s in large part why they’re combining their powers. The only thing is that his obvious return has been the worst kept secret in Superhero Hollywood. All signs point to Supes making a fist-pump inducing return somewhere near the third act, when all is lost and Bruce Wayne and Co. need him most.

Now, the clearest hint that he’ll indeed be locking arms with his band of super-powered friends is here in the form of the last official poster before Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

Take a look at that outline between all the heroes. Look familiar? Look… Super-familiar?

It’s Superman.