This Week In Posters: All The ‘Justice League’ Posters Fit To Print

This week in This Week In Posters, we begin with A Bad Moms Christmas, in which even the moms have moms. How is that not the tagline? I see they’ve also mimicked the debris-everywhere trope from action movies, but with confetti. And they’ve used the same picture of Kathryn Hahn that looks nothing like Kathryn Hahn. Seriously, who is that?

[all posters via IMPA]

“One of the films of 2017” is the most honest tagline I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of not looking like herself, is that… is that supposed to be Christina Applegate? I would only guess that because this person looks slightly more like Christina Applegate than Nina Dobrev. Domnall Gleeson only looks slightly more like himself than she does (if that’s her), wearing some kind of Owen Wilson wig. Between the cartoon background, blurry images, and crappy font, this poster just screams “filmed four years ago and sitting on the shelf ever since.”

I can’t find any news stories that confirm, but I trust my own eyes.

Crooked House, more like Downton Stabby. Love Gillian Anderson’s wig, I can’t wait to hear her British accent.

The Photoshop on this is so bad I barely notice the out-of-order names. I think they may have used the same set of legs for Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg, and just darkened one of them.

This poster reminds me of my house, where I always dress exactly like my dad. I would’ve liked to be on this set. I like to imagine Wahlberg ranting about how he could’ve stopped 9/11 — “If I woulda been on that plane, it never woulda happened…” — while Mel Gibson nods solemnly and pipes up, “I know what you mean. If I woulda been there when the Jews tried to crucify Jesus…”

“They came for his family, now he’s coming for them. …The Aristocrats!”

Shoot that mud, Bruce! Shoot it full of holes, teach it to try to ruin your sailor suit! (Seriously, what the hell is he wearing?)