Watch: Kanye West debuts ‘New God Flow’ rhymes during BET Awards

The BET Awards broadcast went on for three-and-a-half hours, but a good 20 minutes of it seemed to be — as is often the case with Kanye West appearances — the Kanye West Show. In during the Show, West debuted some much-anticipated new material.

In an effort to amp up his forthcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Weezy took the stage with 2Chainz, Big Sean and Pusha T at first to help tackle “Mercy” and “Too Cold.” But then at the end, West went rogue into a capella mode for a big verse from forthcoming “New God Flow.”

Even after delivering the line about Kim Kardashian from “Too Cold” — with Kardashian in the house — West is feeling even more name-droppy.

“Went from most hated to the new God flow / I guess that”s a feeling only me and Lebron know / I”m living 3 dreams, Biggie Smalls, Dr. Kings, Rodney Kings / ’cause we can”t get along, no resolution / Till we drown all these haters, rest in peace to Whitney Houston,” Kanye rhymed. “Welcome to Sunday service if you feel you Sunday service / I got green in my eyes, follow this Erick Sermon / Did Moses not part the water with the cane / Did Noah make the arc when I made it rain / Did Yeezy not get signed by Hov and Dame / And went to Jacob”s and made the new Jesus Chains / In Jesus name, let the choir say / I”m on fire, aight, that”s what Richard Pryor say.”

No clue what the full beat sounds like, but Pusha T will also be featured on the track, according to Ye’s website.

He and Jay-Z won Best Group at the Awards, and both rappers were present and thanked the fans.

“I’m bad at losing, I’m bad at winning,” West said during that acceptance, alluding to awards show bad behavior in the past.

But it was Hov that dredged up West’s famous Taylor Swift photo-bomb real-time during the broadcast. During the pair’s acceptance for Best Music Video for “Otis,” West began his speech, but then Jay-Z couldn’t help himself.

“Excuse me Kanye, I’ma let you continue but…”

Derailed in laughter. Beautiful. Kanye West and Jay-Z should just host the damn thing next year. Beyonce was up for Best Music Video, too, so it was like a triple-play.