Watch: Kelly Rowland likes her ‘Kisses Down Low’ in new video

03.12.13 5 years ago

Kelly Rowland shows some amazing restraint in the video for “Kisses Down Low,” the second single from her fourth studio album, “Talk A Good Game.”

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The clip for the song, which is an ode to receiving oral delight, is so candy-cotton bright and clean that other than a few scenes where she”s on all fours, it could be a Carly Rae Jepsen video. We”re thankful for the subtlety, especially given that the song is suggestive enough that she”s actually giving directions at one point.

The video largely features Rowland, from the waist up, in a variety of fashions and hairstyles singing about what she likes and how much she likes it… a lot. She lets the lyrics speak for themselves and instead of delving deeper into the raciness, instead comes up with something that’s cute and flirty.

Rowland told Hitfix earlier this year that the album was originally titled “Year of the Woman,” but as she worked with producers, such as The-Dream and Kevin Cossom, and the writers, the ideas morphed, and, hence, the new title.  As far as any ongoing collaborations with Destiny’s Child, after she and Michelle Williams reunited with Beyonce at the Super Bowl, she said there are none in the works, adding “We’re all doing different things.” 

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