Watch: ‘Lady Gaga Film’ premieres as Lady Gaga behaves like Lady Gaga

A few hundred words have been written recently about Lady Gaga’s Fame fragrance and it’s television commercial. A few more were penned this week as she shaved a new ‘do onto her head in an apparent tribute. Last night, the full-length “Lady Gaga Film” bowed at a museum.

These all have something to do with each other, but it’s mostly just a week of Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga.

Television commercials for Mother Monster’s perfume were culled from a longer film, cleverly titled “Lady Gaga Film,” directed by photographer Steven Klein. The 5:30-long clip made a full debut at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, which hosted the fragrance’s launch with Gaga herself.

More on the party later. First the film. There’s some humping motor oil and a mind-graft with black plastic garbage bags. Gaga first appears as a giant gold idol, then later completely naked with her subjects crawling on her bits. There’s some German, chanting and sex. It’s very expensive. I think it’s art? She thinks it’s art.

Anyway, she made quite an entrance with her new consumer purchase item at the Guggenheim, and that entrance was also art.

“The avant garde pop star was in a large bottle – a replica of her ‘Fame’ fragrance – appearing in the transparent glass where attendees took photos… The entertainer entered on Thursday night on top of a convertible. Inside, she laid in the bottle in a sparkly top, black skirt and red wig,” the AP wrote about the pop-art “ARTPOP” star. “Then she took off some clothing and a wig – now appearing in lingerie, including a thong – and began receiving a tattoo of the back of her neck (she shaved the bottom half of the back of her head this week).”

OK, so about that head-shave? Earlier this week, Gaga shaved some of her head into a haircut similar to photog pal Terry Richardson. She did it to honor his mom, who passed away. “I did it for u Terry,” she wrote on LittleMonsters.com. “I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.”

Did you catch that? She forced the title of one of her songs in the middle of offering sympathies, while paying tribute to the living and deceased in a paling, non-sensical way.

Her tribute hair was then conveniently short enough to get a head tattoo (also art) at her promotional event. Whether Terry Richardson’s mom died or not, it’s entirely possible that she was planning on cutting off all her hair anyway. It’s a chicken-before-the-head scenario.

It’s also art. ART, DAMMIT.

Lady Gaga’s next album is called “ARTPOP” and is tentatively due early next year. “Fame” is her first fragrance and also the title of an album she made.