Lana Del Rey gets all Tim Burton-y in lyric video for Oscar contender ‘Big Eyes’

Lana Del Rey may be in Oscar contention with the title track from Tim Burton's film “Big Eyes,” and she gets some help from five-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams and two-time winner Christoph Waltz in the song's new lyric video.

With its big percussion, trumpet flourishes and soaring vocals, the atmospheric ballad wouldn't sound out of place in a James Bond film. Instead, it provides a melancholic soundtrack to the tale of painter Margaret Keane (Adams) and her spotlight-stealing husband Walter (Waltz).

Composed of dramatic and eye-popping “Big Eyes” clips, the new video basically serves as another trailer for the film, only with Del Rey's on-the-nose lyrics painted onto the images. We also see co-stars Krysten Ritter, Jason Schwartzman, Danny Huston and Terence Stamp.

Watch the video here:

The song was co-written by Daniel Heath, who also co-wrote Del Rey's 2012 single “Blue Jeans,” and could end up with an Academy Award nomination for Best Song. It faces some stiff competition though, from tunes found in “Begin Again,” “The LEGO Movie,” “Selma” and others.

“Big Eyes” also features the new Del Rey song “I Can Fly,” while Burton's bestie Danny Elfman provides the score.

“Big Eyes” opens December 25.