Lana Del Rey prepares for her big day in video for ‘Ultraviolence’: Watch

07.30.14 5 years ago

It”s a lovely day for a white wedding- or so it seems at the beginning of Lana Del Rey”s video for “Ultraviolence.”

The sultry, slurry-singing sensation goes back to one of her favorite tropes: videos that are shot like grainy home footage. The camera follows her as she puts on her veil, grabs a bouquet and takes a very slow, long walk to her final destination.

It”s beautifully shot and the deliberate pace of the video matches the druggy, underwater feel of the song, whose lyrics borrow liberally from The Crystals” 1963 classic, “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss),” and detail an abusive relationship.

Like all things Del Rey, the video is very mannered without a trace of spontaneity, but it sure looks good on the surface.

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