Listen: Chris Brown wants to make ‘Sweet Love’ to you

Chris Brown”s “Fortune,” out May 8, has already spawned one hit, “Turn Up the Music,” now he”s looking for the next with “Sweet Love,”  a very busy track about getting very busy.

The track, which premiered on Funkmaster Flex”s show (hence the tag at the beginning), opens with Brown whispering as a waterfall of synths tumbles over his croon “let”s get naked,” and then oh-so-romantically sing about “grinding inside and out of you/so c”mon baby girl, let”s just take our clothes off” and later “you start screaming when I go downtown.”  Subtlety has never been his strong suit, has it?

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As always, his singing sounds fine on the slow jam, but it”s as if there are two songs at war here as the synth drum beat totally overwhelms and clashes with the ballad.

Brown has more than proven himself capable of making infectious, memorable songs with great beat and strong singing. This one is memorable for all the wrong reasons.  All is does is make us want to go listen to the far superior song of the same name by the Commodores from long ago.

Brown tweeted that ” Sweet Love” will be the next single to go to R&B radio, while he will also release (simultaneously or close to it), “Till I Die,” a rap tune featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.

Do you like “Sweet Love?”