Listen: Pearl Jam’s new single, ‘Mind Your Manners,’ will melt your brain

First came word of a Pearl Jam tour on Monday, and today fans got the news they really wanted: a new Pearl Jam album, “Lightning Bolt,” will drop Oct. 15.

First single, “Mind Your Manners,” came out today and it”s a bullet-train, punk-rock rush of a song as Eddie Vedder sings about disillusionment and unlikely redemption. It ends with a cacophony of call-and-response vocals screaming “living hell.”

The song is anchored by Matt Cameron”s insistent, powerful drumming, a wily guitar solo, and Vedder”s intense vocals.  The single”s artwork, which features a gun, drops of blood and a rosary on a plate, heighten the drama.

And yes, Pearl Jam”s website, after featuring a countdown clock for the tour and then the album announcement, now has a countdown clock for the album release. It”s 94 days away as of July 11. 

Fans can pre-order the album on Pearljam.com, as well as on iTunes now.

Here’s the cover art: