Next up from ‘Little Prince,’ ‘Kung Fu Panda’ director: A comic book adaptation

Mark Osborne has taken on Kung fu-fighting pandas, a beloved French tale of a prince from a tiny planet, and a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Next up, the New Jersey-born animation director is looking to bring a comic book series from panel to screen, though he wouldn”t yet reveal which one.

“I”m in talks about doing another adaptation,” Osborne told me yesterday while we were discussing his Little Prince film. “I will say it”s an iconic comic book series but not [about] a superhero. It”s an independent comic series.”

He revealed that it would be an animated film adaptation but wouldn”t say much more about the project.

Osborne has retweeted a couple tweets lately about Bone, Jeff Smith”s awards-showered series that”s getting its first new storyline in 10 years in the new Bone: Coda. Could this be what Osborne”s working on? Or is it something totally different? You draw your own conclusions. The cult-favorite series could be a good fit for the animation director. Back in early 2012, P.J. Hogan (My Best Friend”s Wedding) was attached to direct a Bone movie, but who knows what movement there”s been on the project since then.

“I will continue to work in animation,” Osborne did add. “And continue to work pushing through different mediums to tell one story.”

(From left) Riley Osborne, Mark Osborne, and Mackenzie Foy at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Foy voices the Little Girl in The Little Prince, and Mark Osborne's son, Riley, voices the title character. Photo credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

The Little Prince, finally getting its U.S. release next week, features computer animation for the framing story and stop motion animation for the scenes depicting the tale of the Little Prince and the Aviator.

The Little Prince will open in select U.S. theaters and be available on Netflix on Friday, August 5. I”ll have more of my chat with Osborne about the film for you next week.