‘Lost in Space’ is getting a reboot

“Lost in Space” is getting a reboot
A remake of the Irwin Allen”s 1965 cult TV classic about a family sent to colonize deep space is in the works, thanks to Legendary TV.

Kevin Nealon mourns Jan Hooks – “My girlfriend in the 80″s and my friend forever, Janners”
Nealon and Hooks were dating when they each auditioned for “SNL” in 1986. “My girlfriend in the 80″s and my friend forever, Janners,” Nealon tweeted tonight. “God, were you talented. Too soon and too sad.” PLUS: Jan Hooks was one of the “glue guys” and one of the most underrated “SNL” performers, Hooks helped “SNL” recover from its disastrous years, she helped pave the way for “SNL”s” female renaissance, watch some of her classic “SNL” sketches, Seth MacFarlane calls her one of “SNL”s” funniest-ever cast members, and watch Hooks and Phil Hartman in their memorable “Love is a Dream” sketch.

AMC is giving up reality shows to focus on dramas, but “Talking Dead” and “Comic Book Men” will continue
“Game of Arms” will shut down production immediately on Season 2, and any other unscripted show in development will be discontinued as part of AMC”s new mission. “Scripted originals are at the core of the AMC brand,” AMC said in a statement.

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“Mad Men” creator: “I totally disagree that we”re in the ‘Golden Age of television””
“That”s just a marketing term,” says Matthew Weiner, who adds: “We”ve always had good TV and bad TV.”

Stephen Collins” past as writer of erotic mystery novels isn”t well-known
The former “7th Heaven” star, who”s accused of child molestation, published two erotic mystery novels in the ’90s, “Eye Contact” and “Double Exposure.” The latter came out while “7th Heaven” was on.

“Dance Moms” teen sues Abby Lee Miller again, claiming she felt threatened
According to the lawsuit, “Paige Hyland reasonably feared she would be physically injured because she had observed Miller physically batter other people on the show including physically pushing Kelly Hyland”s face; pinching another student until she bled and violently grabbing another student by the arm.”

“The Good Wife” recruits David Krumholtz
The “Numbers” alum will play Alicia”s new campaign specialist.

“America”s Funniest Home Videos” is embracing GIFs
A deal with image-hosting site imgur will allow “America”s Funniest Home Videos” to feature classic videos as looping GIFs.

Watch John Rocker”s “as*hole” moments on “Survivor”
Here are some highlights from his stint on the CBS reality show.

USA is shying away from comedies in favor of more dramas
According to Deadline, as a result the renewal odds for “Playing House” “do not look very good.”

Bill Hader gets cozier with Hozier in new “SNL” promos
Cecily Strong also tells Hader that she appreciated working with him, even though he left the show before she joined.

Sarah Hyland now has a giant bodyguard on the “Modern Family” set
TMZ captured the “beefy” bodyguard trailing Hyland all day today. Hyland has a restraining against her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend.

Amazon”s “Transparent” is the long-awaited successor to “Six Feet Under”
There are a lot of similarities between both series.

British TV cancels “Utopia” — it's being remade by David Fincher and Gillian Flynn for HBO
The crime thriller lasted for only two seasons and 12 episodes.

“Arrow” boss calls similarities to “Batman Begins” a “total coincidence”
The season premiere featured a scene similar to one shown in the first part of Christopher Nolan”s Dark Knight trilogy.

Fox”s “Utopia”: Anatomy of a debacle
How did the big-budget reality show become a reality TV disaster?

Tina Fey on Lena Dunham: “There's a generational difference in our comedy”
“Her generation feels that to be nude and to be sexual on-screen is empowered, and we're on the end of a generation that's like, 'You're not gonna trick me into doing this!,”” says Fey, who 16 years older than the “Girls” star, in an interview with Elle. She adds: “”But they say, 'We're not being cute, we're incorporating our genuine sexuality.” Which is an improvement. It's great.”

Eric Stonestreet captures “Modern Family” husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson singing in another car
“I guess @jessetyler is really blowing some steam off after work today. #imnotfilming,” Stonestreet posted on Instagram.

Watch the trailer for “Alpha House” Season 2
Featuring a cameo by Andy Cohen.

Artie Lange unveils an old timey ad for his Comedy Central special
“Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure” debuts Oct. 18.

Felicity Huffman: I tried to get “Desperate Housewives” to add a transgender character
“After I shot ‘Transamerica' I kept going to Desperate and saying, 'We need a trans character. We need a trans character,”” says Huffman, adding: “There are wonderful trans actors that I know, but I think it was too early. I really wanted it to happen.”

Network morning shows are full of social media chatter and synergistic shilling
That”s what Ken Tucker learned after immersing himself in watching all three major network news shows.

Kate Burton was “surprised” to learn she had another “Grey”s Anatomy” daughter
But she adds that the latest development “made perfect sense to me.”

Why ABC used a female to voice its “Thank God It”s Thursday” adds
“With T.G.I.T., we knew we wanted to make it much more of a fun, playful, conversational sell,” Melissa King, ABC marketing”s creative director, tells  BuzzFeed. “So we came up with this 60-second spot, we call it The Awesome Combo, and the voice of it, the playfulness, and the conversational (tone), in my head, it just sounded like a female voice.”

Will “Bad Judge” become the last “Bad” show?
Titles starting with “Bad” have been used too many times.

Ryan Murphy wanted “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to be more challenging in every way
That”s why, he says, “this is the first season we”ve done an all-animated title sequence, which is really difficult and takes a long time.”

“One Tree Hill” cast”: Then vs. Now
See how the cast has aged via slider technology.

“Your Family Or Mine” adds Cynthia Stevenson
She”ll play Kat Foster”s mom on the TBS comedy.

Julianna Margulies” father dies
Margulies said in an interview last year that her dad, Paul Margulies, 79, would tell her his opinion of “The Good Wife.” “My dad, who's such a fan of the show, he called me last week and said, 'I don't like where the show's going. It's too dark,” she told The Huffington Post.