Someone Added Eyes From Pixar’s ‘Cars’ Onto ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Rigs And It’s Really Disturbing

Pixar’s Cars has long been the butt of internet jokes and fodder for one of the most disturbing fan theories of all time. Something about a world completely devoid of humans yet populated by vehicles designed by humans lends itself to both parody and horrifying questions. But even as the Pixar Theory posits the world of Cars is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the universe inhabited by these sentient vehicles doesn’t seem that bad.

But what if cars themselves lived in the world of Mad Max: Fury Road instead? That is the question comedian Paul Savage set out to answer. A short time and two Photoshops later, the mash-up was born. Turns out the Imperator rigs look downright adorable with a set of (perhaps poorly placed) eyes.

The animated cuteness dissipates somewhat once you remember Guzzoline is a precious resource in the world of Fury Road. Is there an Immortan Joe of the rigs? One car who rules over the production of Guzzoline like so much Aqua-Cola and keeps the other vehicles chained to their tyrannical grip? Do the cars of the Buzzards (Porcupine People) remain conscious while they’re converted into spiky death machines? Does it hurt when the War Boys rip off their steering wheels? And just how many of them are addicted to Nitro?

But if you can get past those questions, I made a couple more. Look how cute they are! Now if Savage can just get Pixar’s attention, maybe they’ll do a fan trailer.

[Via io9]