Let’s get sad! Final season photos from ‘Mad Men’

The long farewell to “Mad Men” has been in the works for a while. The first half of Season 7, the final season, bowed in April last year, and the last seven episodes will start on April 5 this year.

AMC has bowed some new photos from Season 7.5, so now let's flip through them and feel as sad as Jon Hamm's Don Draper at a pool party.

Check out the fashions of Megan Draper, not-yet-a-woman Sally Draper, sullen Betty Francis, glowing Joan Harris and righteous-in-red Peggy Olson.

What do you think these pics say about “The End of an Era?” Will the 1970s be a disaster for the Draper and Francis clans? How will the rising office execs Peggy and Joan fare?