Maisie Williams Trades ‘Game Of Thrones’ For Giant Fighting Robots In Rooster Teeth’s ‘gen:LOCK’


There’s still plenty of time to go before the final season of Game of Thrones conquers HBO, but that doesn’t mean the cast isn’t already exploring options for future projects. Especially Maisie Williams, who has already begun working on films like the long-delayed New Mutants and the new Rooster Teeth animated series gen:LOCK. The latter, just announced on Saturday at the Austin-based company’s annual fan convention in London, will see Williams working with David Tennant, Michael B. Jordan, Dakota Fanning and in what is basically a show about giant fighting robots.

According to the release, Williams will play Cammie MacCloud, “a mischievous Scottish hacker with boundless energy” who is also “the youngest recruit to the gen:LOCK program.” Per the series’ official logline:

In gen:LOCK, Earth’s last free society is on the losing side of a global war, and recruits a diverse team of young pilots to control the next generation of giant, weaponized robot bodies known as mecha. These daring recruits will find, however, that their newfound abilities come at no small cost.

Additional voice cast includes Kōichi Yamadera, Lindsay Jones, Miles Luna, Blaine Gibson, Chad James and Gray G. Haddock, who is also gen:LOCK‘s creator and showrunner. Aside from announcing Williams’ casting, Rooster Teeth also released a short clip highlighting her character with narration by Tennant’s character, “Doc.”