‘Marigold Hotel 2’ trailer: When you’re old, ‘roll call’ means something very different

“The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” may not be due for release until net March, but the first trailer for the film has already arrived.

The first trailer for the awkwardly-titled followup to 2012's surprise international smash “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” has dropped a full seven months ahead of its release date, and with its jokes about aging and death (apparently “roll call” becomes a far more loaded term once you reach a certain age), picturesque locale and light, charming banter between its A-list leads, I have no doubt it'll draw in the same appreciative (and under-catered-to) crowds that showed up for the first film.

In addition to the core returning cast, American thesps David Strathairn and Richard Gere are along for the ride this time around – with the latter predictably serving as an object of lust for the hotel's female residents (cue double entendre from Penelope Wilton).

Unfortunately the Apple-exclusive trailer isn't embeddable yet, but you can watch it here.

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“The Second Best Exotic Margigold Hotel” hits U.S. theaters on March 6, 2015.