Mark Hamill Doubled Down On How He Made Harrison Ford Laugh With A Dirty Joke At A ‘Star Wars’ Event


While some Star Wars fans find themselves consumed with theories of Rey’s parentage, other audience offshoots are distracted by more salacious matters. Or at least, that’s the realm that some Twitter users stumbled into while quizzing Mark Hamill about his recent hush-hush remark to Harrison Ford while they attended the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening. The newly themed portion of Disneyland opened earlier this week with a launch ceremony attended by George Lucas and franchise stars including Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Billy Dee Williams. They had a good time together, it seems.

At the event, Hamill took some time to “savor the moment” while remarking upon how he couldn’t believe (!) that he starred in a movie that produced a Disney theme park ride. With a life-sized replication of Millennium Falcon looming in the background, Hamill also apparently whispered a remark to Ford that made him laugh. Would this become a Lost in Translation moment where people would never learn what Hamill said? Nope. Hamill was perfectly cool with revealing to a fan that he’d made “[a]n X-rated comment about the music coming in too early & stepping on his line.”

Via https://twitter.com/HamillHimself/status/1134157299067396096

So, was he kidding about making a naughty joke while onstage at a Disney event? It sounds like he was serious. Hamill repeated his explanation to another fan while adding, “Glad my microphone didn’t pick it up!”

Via Mark Hamill on Twitter

That’s undoubtedly a big “whew” for Disney CEO Bob Iger as well. Can you imagine the fallout if Luke Skywalker’s voice was heard cracking what sounds like a “too soon” sex joke in front of the Millennium Falcon … at Disneyland? Those headlines would be lit, though.