Mark Hamill Apologized After A ‘Star Wars’ Tweet Angered Fans


Mark Hamill has proven himself very good at Twitter over the years, from hashing it out with fans to driving attention towards political issues. But no one’s perfect. The former (and possibly future) Luke Skywalker, as well as new Chucky, did the rare thing over the weekend: He ruffled some feathers with a controversial tweet.

The tweet in question involved a fan-made picture of Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher alongside Billy Dee Williams, all sitting in the Millennium Falcon, all smiles. Hamill, in full Last Jedi-era Luke garb, is photoshopped behind them. Hamill reposted the image with the caption “Missed Opportunities.”

What does that mean? It could be innocuous — just an actor sad that four friends, thanks to fate, never got to share a scene again. Others read it as a cryptic diss on the latest Star Wars trilogy. Indeed, Hamill did lobby, unsuccessfully, to get all four together in The Force Awakens, which didn’t include Williams’ Lando Calrissian and concluded with the death of Ford’s Han Solo.

Surprise: Hamill meant it the first way: an innocuous yet bittersweet paean to old friends, one who’s no longer with us. The uproar was such, though, that Hamill saw fit to apologize.

“Saw a pic of me with Billy D, Carrison & Harrie. Posted it because I miss them. Nothing more, nothing less,” Hamill tweeted. “I love the new cast too & didn’t mean to get everyone’s knickers in a twist. Maybe I should’ve just posted a bunch of Avengers: Endgame spoilers instead. Relax and have fun people.”

As an olive branch, he posted the picture again, this time with the animated version of the Joker, whom Hamill has famously voiced for decades, photoshopped in there as well. And with that, Hamill went back to being good at Twitter.

(Via Deadline)