Mark Hamill Voices The World’s Most Famous Murder Doll In The ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer

The first teaser for the Child’s Play reboot was heavy on atmosphere, but light on plot. We didn’t even get to hear Chucky speak! The murder-doll still doesn’t have much to say in the new trailer (“goodnight, Andy”), either, but he does go on a stabbing spree and appears to kill someone with a drone. That’s our Chucky! Technology will be a major factor in the film — instead of his being possessed by a serial killer, like in the other films, Chucky is an “out-of-control robot doll” with a hacked code. In other words, he’s been set to “Evil.”

Mark Hamill, not Brad Dourif, is now the voice of Chucky, while the rest of the cast is rounded out by Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman (as Chucky’s “best friend”), Brian Tyree Henry, and Tim Matheson. Plaza and Bateman are playing the same characters from the 1988 Child’s Play (or at least they have the same names), and this update looks as dark as the original. Chucky eventually became a campy quip-master, but not here; Child’s Play is straight-up horror.

Directed by Lars Klevberg with a script from Tyler Burton Smith, Child’s Play opens on June 21, the same day as (yup) Toy Story 4.