Mark Ruffalo Got A Call From ‘High Up’ After Leaking Marvel Cinematic Universe Footage

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Tom Holland isn’t the only Marvel star with loose lips that can sink multi-billion dollar ships. Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk/Professor Hulk (?), spilled the beans about the end of Avengers: Infinity War months before it came out, and he was playfully “fired” by directors Anthony and Joe Russo for not being able to shut his trap. The Oscar-nominated actor once even got a call from “up high” when he spilled something he wasn’t supposed to.

In a roundtable interview with Entertainment Weekly, the six original Avengers were asked to make up an “outrageous lie” about their characters in Endgame. “The only thing I can guarantee about Endgame is that it’s going to begin and then… it’s going to end,” answered Jeremy Renner, while Scarlett Johansson shared that she’s “gonna have PTSD” from the current press tour. “At the end of every day, I lie awake at night and I think about all the things I almost said. It gives me panic,” she said, leading Ruffalo to respond, “Oh, you think you feel that way?” And what’s the biggest thing he’s spoiled about an MCU movie?

Johansson: [To Ruffalo] What about when you streamed the first 10 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok?
Robert Downey, Jr.: That’s gotta be it.
Ruffalo: That was the one that got me the call from up high.

There might have been hell to pay (didn’t you know? Disney owns hell) and Ruffalo thought he was going to “get fired” for the leak, but it “turned around on me, because when I came to work on Monday [on the set of Endgame] everyone ran up to me,” he said. “I thought they were coming to scream at me — [Marvel security director Barry Curtis], he threw his arms around me. ‘That was genius! We got more press than we could have possibly paid for!'”

The lesson here is, never confide in the Hulk.

Still, even though Ruffalo kept his job, his co-stars continue to give him a hard time. “Mark’s a real liability. They have to throw Mark off the scent,” Chris Evans told E! News. “You have earned no trust in the Marvel universe. You leak like a bodily function.” To keep him off the scent (gross), Ruffalo “shot like five different endings” for Endgame, including one where Captain America gets married. Hopefully to the Hulk. Now that’s something worth spoiling.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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