‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Video Game Trailer Brings The Old Gang Back Together

Without getting into spoilers for what is currently still only the second highest grossing film ever made (not adjusted for inflation!), let’s say a lot has changed from the days of Marvel’s Avengers to the recent Avengers: Endgame. That makes the long-in-the-works video game called Marvel’s Avengers kind of like a time machine, if not as advanced as the one Tony Stark could create.

Sure enough, watching the new, full-length trailer — which premiered at E3 — is downright chilling. You see the old gang back together: Iron Man, Cap, Thor, pre-nerd Hulk, Black Widow…and okay, no Hawkeye, but oh well. (Also slightly distracting: No one sounds like the actors who play them on-screen, and Bruce Banner really doesn’t look like Mark Ruffalo.)

This time our heroes have to save San Francisco from one of those city-destroying assaults the MCU loves so much. The twist is: They fail. But how will they — i.e., you, finally getting to control an Avenger, and not just in some podunk cosplaying costume — make it right?

The game was announced all the way back in 2014, with a 50-second teaser introduced two whole years ago. Now that there’s a trailer, that means there’s…well, almost a whole other year. The game isn’t set to drop until May 15, 2020. But that only means you have plenty of time to tinker with that other MCU game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

(Via EW)