The award for MOST awkward product placement goes to Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

10.18.16 1 year ago

Yes, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is owned by Disney, but its power perhaps has never been felt so much as name-dropping Doctor Strange in the middle of General Hospital.

You expect a certain amount of synergy between companies that fall under the same, larger umbrella. ABC's Once Upon a Time has had plenty of instances where another Disney project was referenced. In fact, at the start of this season, they had a dance scene between Rumpelstiltskin and Belle that featured the classic animated yellow ball gown as well as part of the score. I sat there thinking,”OH, DO YOU HAVE A LIVE-ACTION BEAUTY AND THE BEAST COMING OUT SOON YOU WANT TO REMIND US OF??”

Synergy can be helpful in marketing (say, if commercials for actual comic books aired during comic book TV shows) and product placements can be terrible or go completely unnoticed. But this one from long-running ABC soap opera General Hospital has us scratching our heads. Just…watch.

As a comic book movie fan and someone who was a hardcore GH'er for a few years (Sonny + Brenda 4EVA) might I just say…

This scene is weird on so many levels. Chief among them is why a conversation about DOCTOR Strange was shoehorned into a romantic moment instead of a conversation at, I don't know, the HOSPITAL THE SHOW IS BASED AROUND?

Since I don't watch GH these days, I didn't catch the moment live but it looks like some other fans might have.

I mean, it's not the strangest thing to ever happen on General Hospital, and it sure won't be the last…

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