Matt Damon predicts big things for ‘Interstellar’ and praises co-star McConaughey’s hot streak

I sat down with the “Monuments Men” crew last week (more on that film in due time) and, like most bozos, figured a softball “Interstellar” question lobbed Matt Damon’s way might produce something interesting. Christopher Nolan always keeps his cast and crew on lockdown when it comes to his projects so it’s almost like you have to preface it with “I know you’re sworn to secrecy,” but you can get interesting nuggets early in the process sometimes. Matthew McConaughey, for instance, had some engrossing things to say about his trepidations going into the project.

Speaking of which, the “Dallas Buyers Club” star and awards season fixture figured in considerably with Damon’s reticent response. (You’ll see in the clip above that Damon comes up with a handful of ways to say “I had a good time” and make each of them sound fresh and forthcoming). “Matthew is the star of the movie and he’s just on fire right now,” Damon says. “He’s really locked in and I can’t imagine that movie’s going to be anything but great.”

Okay, keep your secrets! Damon, you’ll recall, was cast in the film last August in an undisclosed “small” role, so the mystery even extends to what the actual part is. No one hypes his films like Nolan with this “mum’s the word” thing and his fans certainly love him for the tease. We’ll all find out what “Interstellar” is, and what Damon’s role in it will be, later this year.