Matthew McConaughey confirms he won’t return for more ‘True Detective’

Matthew McConaughey picked up an Oscar Sunday night for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club,” but many fans are following the actor more closely as Ruston Cohle on HBO's “True Detective.”

McConaughey stars alongside Woody Harrelson in the dark procedural, which will only run for 8 episodes this year, before reportedly transitioning to an all-new cast for a second season. The Oscar winner confirmed that he won't return for the “Detective's” next incarnation. 

“No, I won't be back for season 2. Season 1 was finite,” McConaughey responded when asked at the Oscars, putting a strong emphasis on the “t” in “finite.”

He also expressed that production on “Detective” was really just like a long film, and was much more elaborate than “Club's” shoestring shoot. 

“That was basically like a six month film,” he explained. “It was one director, eight episodes, 450 pages — basically a 450-page script. Six months shooting on film. Very considerate.”

Oscar night happened to coincide with the show's airing. “There's probably an episode airing right now. Has anyone here seen it?,” McConaughey asked the press room. “I made the thing…and I'm not sure what happens in tonight's episode. I don't know what happens! I'm not telling you.”