Miley Cyrus’ opening night of ‘Bangerz’ tour: What the critics are saying

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Miley Cyrus kicked off her 38-city “Bangerz” tour  this weekend at Vancouver”s Rogers Arena. While she has said that she wanted the outing to focus on her singing, it”s clear that visuals and shock value play a big part, including her pretending to perform oral sex on Bill Clinton, wearing revealing unitards, and simulating masturbation..all in an effort to entertain.. And, just in case she hasn”t stressed her love for marijuana enough to her young fans, official “Bangerz” rolling papers were available at the merchandise tables for $40.

Here”s a round-up of reviews from the Feb.14 opening night:

USA Today: “Assuming she wasn’t lip-syncing – a big assumption in this day and age, and for a show this size – she belted out the songs like a diva with a grudge. She might not have the most distinctive voice, but she can hit those notes and hold them, and many of the songs showcase this brilliantly. As over-the-top as the Bangerz tour looks to be, Cyrus does know when to hold back, like when she cuts the theatrics for a show-stopping rendition of one of her biggest hits, ‘Wrecking Ball’.”

Rolling Stone: Cyrus had said in interviews leading up to this tour that she wanted people to go to the show and take her seriously as a vocalist, and it appears that she meant it. Without question, she proved that talent beyond any doubt: unlike many stadium shows, there was no vocal “doubling” (singing along to a track of oneself), and she was only mildly supported by her background vocalists. In fact, Miley’s music was front and center for much of the night, and from beginning to end – roughly 100 minutes long – she nailed her vocals throughout the entertaining evening. With barely a twerk to be found, the singer’s intended emphasis on her music seems legit; her approach may very well shift some of the attention back on her talents, and away from her infamous tongue.

Vancouver Sun: While the room was adorned with strings of party balloons, the vibe was certainly not children-friendly (and the crowd consisted of many)….It was actually disturbing to see kids and parents clutching posters of Cyrus sporting an essentially crotchless unitard or wearing T-shirts showing her making out with herself in a mirror. There were also inflatable bananas on sale (we’ll let you figure that one out yourself)…The evolution of pop? Female empowerment? Mindless fun? Please….If you were still wondering if Cyrus was singing everything herself, this is where weaknesses started to appear. Drive, one requiring Cyrus to really push, showed her faltering in the low parts, while Rooting For My Baby and a jangly acoustic cover of OutKast’s Hey Ya veered dangerously close to Stevie Nicks territory (and not good days Stevie Nicks).
Then again, give her Dolly Parton’s Jolene and the girl can probably nail it in her sleep. She did Friday night.

Idolator:  If they ever turn Spring Breakers into a musical, it would look a lot like Miley Cyrus’ batshit crazy Bangerz tour, which kicked off in Vancouver, Canada tonight (February 14). This weird and wonderful acid trip of a concert documents the adventures of a girl that took a walk on the wild side and – much like the characters in Harmony Korine’s mind-bending movie –  decided to stay. Simply because it”s a lot more fun….Bangerz isn”t a perfect show. The setlist is weighed down by duds from the new LP and there isn”t much opportunity for Miley”s voice to shine but if you just want to let your hair down for 90 minutes, this beautifully staged extravaganza is hard to beat. It”s certainly better than recent tours by fellow pop heavyweights Rihanna and Katy Perry. The ball is now in their court.  During the highly entertaining hour-and-forty-minute-long spectacle we primarily heard tracks off of Bangerz with a smattering of hits from earlier albums as well as covers of “Hey Ya!” by OutKast and “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. While this was happening we were treated to visuals courtesy of Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi, a dozen or so bejewelled outfits designed by the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs, and an inflatable wolf that was at least 10-Mileys high….To answer the burning question that kept you awake at night leading up to this show: you better fucking believe there was twerking. In fact, the most powerful tool onstage was the singer”s ass. Anytime she aimed that thing at the crowd the roar was deafening. It is a lethal weapon that could topple governments, and not just in the Middle East. Live in fear.

E!: Miley Cyrus kicked off her highly anticipated Bangerz tour in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day and as expected, it was quite a spectacle.
The 21-year-old pop star grinned widely as she made her big entrance to the crowd on-what else-a large tongue slide. The songbird’s first costume was a bright red two-piece ensemble, a red and white feather boa, white cowboy boots and a white Chanel mini purse.
Cyrus danced and twerked throughout the show and was joined by a group of backup dancers. In true Miley fashion, she stuck out her tongue as she groped and slapped her onstage entourage.

The tour continues tonight in Tacoma, Wash. For a full list of Cyrus’ tour dates, go here.


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